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By Raven Hanson
APEX Profound Beauty (Bangkok)

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Mission Hospital Bangkok

Private Hospital, Bangkok

Mission Hospital Bangkok Overview
Hospitals Overview / Summary:
Mission Hospital is a full service general private hospital which locates in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Mission Hospital was founded in 1937 and today it serves the local Thai and international communities with a registered capacity of 186 beds. The hospital is owned and operated by the Christian Medical Foundation of Seventh-Day Adventists and proud to be part of the worldwide Adventist Healthcare network. Mission Hospital offers state-of-Art diagnostic, therapeutic and emergency facilities for the patient needs.

Together with excellent and latest medical technology services, Mission Hospital is welcoming and providing medical services to international patients from over 60 countries around the world. For patients to feel like their home country, we provide English and other languages speaking staffs that are available to assist the international customers in 30 different special medical centers. The Medical coordination office provides doctors, nurses, medical service staffs and interpreters who serve the needs of the international patients to feel like their home. Annually, more than 15,000 medical tourists visit to Mission Hospital.
Language support:
Thai, English, Mandarin, Arabic, Chinese

Awards & Accreditations:
- HA

One of the FIRST private hospitals awarded Thailand Hospital Accreditation.

2001: Certificate of The External Quality Assessment Scheme in Clinic Chemistry Certifying Bangkok Adventist Hospital Laboratory by Faculty of Medical Technology, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.
2001: Certificate of Participation of Beckman Coulter Interlaboratory Quality Assurance Program by IQPA.
2001: Certificate of Calibration: Instrument- Coulter Model STKS by S-CAL Calibrator.
2002: World No Tobacco Day by World Health Organization.
2011: Top Service of the year award by Ayuthaya Alliance CP (AACP)
2011: Best Practice Award by Institute for Small and Median Enterprises Development

Mission Hospital Bangkok Facilities & Services
Hospital Facilities:
In Patients Facilities
186 Licensed Inpatient Beds and 109 in operation                     
    Over 120 physicians
    Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
    Step Down Care Unit
    Intensive Care Isolation Unit
    Labour Room
    Male / Female Wards
    Semi Private rooms
    Private rooms
    Private Deluxe rooms
    VIP rooms

    Air-condition, Refrigerator, Telephone, TV, DVD, Kitchenette

Room Type & Facilities:

- Ward 7 Beds  Aircon THB 1840

- Ward 4 Beds  Aircon THB 1900

- Semi- Private  Aircon, Refrig., Tel THB 2900

- Semi-Private, Isolation  Aircon, Refrig., Tel THB 3600

- Private  Aircon, TV. Refrig., Tel THB 3500

- Private Isolation  Aircon, TV. Refrig., Tel THB 4600

- Private (Deluxe Reg)  Aircon, TV. Refrig., Tel THB 3600

- Private (Deluxe Plus)  Aircon, TV. Refrig., Tel, DVD THB 4290

- VIP Room  Aircon, TV. Refrig., Tel, DVD THB 4500

- Suite  Aircon, TV. Refrig., Tel, DVD, Kitchenettes THB 5300

- Step Down Care Unit THB 3950

- Intensive Care Unit (ICU) THB 5500

- Intensive Care Unit Isolation THB 5800

- Labour Room THB 1900

- Nursery THB 1550

- Nursery Incubator THB 1850

Hospital Specialties / Departments:
Centers Clinics 
- Gastrointestinal Center 
- Nephrology(Kidney) Center
- Orthopedic Center
- Neurology Center
- Hemodialysis Center
- Spine Center
- Eye Center 
- Dental Center
- Diagnostic & Therapeutic Center
- Surgery Center
- Wellness Center
- Women Center
- Pediatrics Department Center
- Acupuncture Clinic
- Allergy Clinic
- Breast Clinic
- Cosmetic Surgery Clinic 
- Cancer Clinic
- Dermatology Clinic
- Endocrinology & Diabetes Clinic
- Ear Nose Throat Clinic (ENT)
- Golden Age Clinic
- Heart Clinic
- Hematology Clinic
- Pulmonary (Lung) Clinic
- Hypertension Clinic
- Infertility Clinic
- Travel Wellness Clinic
- Muscle, Bone & Nerve Clinic
- Psychiatry clinic
- Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy
- Emergency Department 

Mission Hospital Bangkok Treatments
Cosmetic Surgery Clinic:
- Augmentation Rhinoplasty (BHT 13,900)
- Alar reduction (BHT 9,000)
- Double eyelids surgery / upper blepharoplasty (BHT 13,900)
- Upper & Lower Blephalophasty (BHT 26,900)
- Dimple surgery (BHT 8,500)
- Chin augmentation (BHT 19,000)
- Full Face lift (BHT 98,000)
- Forehead lift (BHT 60,000)
- Hair grafting (BHT 90/graft)
- Breast augmentation (BHT 79,000)
- Breast lifting (BHT 75,000)
- Breast reduction (BHT 89,000)
- Abdominoplasty (BHT 109,000)
- Liposuction (BHT 50,000 – 85,000)

Dental Clinic:

- Implants (BHT 70,000-75,000)
- Crowns (BHT 7,000-17,000)
- Porcelain Veneers (BHT 6,000)
- Inlays and Onlays (BHT 7,000- 11,000)
- Surgical Extractions (BHT 1,000-4,500)
- Wisdom Teeth Extraction (BHT 600-1,000)

Allergy Clinic:

- INVIVO Test (BHT 1,600)
- IN VITRO Test Price depend on situation Hemodialysis Unit Arteriovenous (AV) fistula (BHT 12,000-14,000)
- AV graft (BHT 17,000)

Breast Clinic:

- Mammogram (BHT 2,800)
- Ultrasound of the breast (BHT 1,600)
- Chemotherapy, and radiation price depends on situation

GI (Gastrointestinal) Clinic:

- Upper GI series x-ray (BHT 1,600)
- Barium enema x-ray (BHT 2650)


- Gastroscopy (BHT 12,000-16,000)
- Colonoscopy (BHT 13,000-20,000)
- Biopsy of suspect lesions price depend on situation
- Stool examinations for parasites occult blood test (BHT 200)
- Ultrasound of the abdomen (BHT 3,200)
- Blood tests: liver function tests (BHT 190 for each test)
- cancer screening (BHT 700)
Mission Hospital Bangkok Location
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Bangkok Adventist Hospital (Mission Hospital)
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