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Bangkok Adventist Hospital (Mission Hospital)

Private Hospital, Bangkok

Bangkok Adventist Hospital (Mission Hospital) Overview
Hospitals Overview / Summary:
Bangkok Adventist Hospital(BAH), known among Thais as Mission Hospital, is a general hospital with a registered capacity of 186 beds. The hospital is owned and operated by the Christian Medical Foundation of Seventh-Day Adventist. The hospital is part of the worldwide Adventist Healthcare Network. It was established more than 70 years ago to provide in- and out-patient medical care 24 hours a day.

It has been serving our community for both local and international for more than 70 years. Whether you are seeking primary care, emergency services, pediatrics, specialty services or community health classes, our focus is on providing you and your family quality, compassionate care close to home. At Bangkok Adventist Hospital, we balance the very latest in technologies and treatments with the highest respect and personal concern for patients and their families.

The hospital is proud to offer various centers of excellence in health services to provide you and your family a comprehensive medical treatment. Our team of physicians and medical personnel are committed to promoting your health in the area of innovative treatment, patient education and caring for the spirit as well as the body.

Bangkok Adventist Hospital also has a health promotion center in the name Mission Health Promotion Center. It was established in 1990 in the province of Saraburi located adjacent to the Mual Lek campus of Asia-Pacific International University. It has the capacity of accommodating 60 people. Mission Health Promotion Center was established to provide natural remedy health programs to treat and prevent various health issues and provide long-term treatment for those who need rehabilitation after a stroke or for those with chronic diseases. MHPC is fully furnish to suit the needs of our customers. Bangkok Adventist Hospital also established Mission Medical Clinic located in the heart of the tourist attraction, Khao San Road in 2008 to provide for the healthcare needs of travelers during their stay in Thailand.

Bangkok Adventist Hospital also runs a Mobile Clinic equipped with an X-ray unit, which is frequently used for chartable care and for industrial and company examinations. Bangkok Adventist Hospital provides continuous quality standard level of care for 24 hours a day with a qualified nurse. The rooms are fully furnished to meet the needs of customers with standard requirement. The hospital maintains cleanliness as a standard to accommodate all the patients. The hospital is surrounded with friendly atmosphere, clean environment and caring people. Welcome to Bangkok Adventist Hospital (Mission Hospital).
Language support:
Thai, English, Mandarin, Myanmar, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Indian, French

Awards & Accreditations:
- HA

2001: Certificate of The External Quality Assessment Scheme in Clinical Chemistry Certifying Bangkok Adventist Hospital Laboratory by Faculty of Medical Technology, Mahidol Univeristy, Bangkok Thailand.

Certificate of Participation in Beckman Coulter Interlaboratory Quality Assurance Program by IQPA.

2002: Certificate of Calibration: Instrument- Coulter Model STKS by S-CAL Calibrator.

2008: Certificate of Thailand National External Quality Assessment Scheme for Blood Coagulation by Department of Clinical Pathology, Faculty of medicine Siriraj Hospital & Thai Society of Clinical Pathology.

2009: Certificate of participation if EQA:SC, External Quality Assessment Program in Serum Chemistry by EQA Center-Thailand.

2010: Certificate of Quality Assurance by Department of Medical Science, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand.

Member of Non-profit Organization
Member of Private Hospital Association
Bangkok Adventist Hospital is part of worldwide Adventist healthcare network

Honors / Awards:
1993: Excellent Service
1996: No Smoking Organization Campaign
2000: No Smoking Organization
2002: World No Tobacco Day
2006: Saving Energy Cooperation Organization
2007: E-Claim Hospital Award

BAH is part of worldwide adventist healthcare network.

Bangkok Adventist Hospital (Mission Hospital) Facilities & Services
We do have complete technology and these are some of the Highlight:
CT Scan
New Apeel microdermabrasion system.

Hospital Facilities:
Internet facilities at hospital, Hospital nursing school library which provide various books for reading.

Room Type & Facilities:
Male/Female Ward Air condition 7 Beds (BHT 1,570
Ward-Ari condition 4 beds (BHT 1,640)
Semi - Private Air condition, Refrigerator, Telephone (BHT 2,470)
Semi – Private, Isolation Refrigerator, Telephone (BHT 2,970)
Private – Air condition, Refrigerator, TV, Telephone (BHT 3,370)
Private Isolation, Refrigerator, TV, Telephone (BHT 3,620
Private (Deluxe Regular) Air condition, Refrigerator, TV, Telephone (BHT 3,700)
Private(Deluxe Plus) Air condition, Refrigerator, TV, Telephone DVD (BHT 4,500)
Private (VIP) Air condition, Refrigerator, TV, Telephone DVD (BHT 4,700
Suite Refrigerator, TV, Telephone, Kitchenette, DVD (BHT 5,450)
Step Down Care Unit (BHT 3,370)
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) (BHT 4,820)
Intensive Care Unit Isolation (BHT 5,120)
Labor Room BHT 1,710 Nursery (BHT 1,400
Nursery Incubator (BHT 1,720)

Dining & Restaurant:
Bangkok Adventist Hospital Cafeteria. Our Vegetarian restaurant serve healthy vegetarian menu.
Cafeteria: The cafeteria opens from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. The cafeteria remain open to serve make to order till 9.30 p.m.
Snack bar and bakery: The snack ba

International Patient Service:
Insurance assistance for local and international clients
Wellness check-ups and vaccinations
Embassy contact and assistance
Assistance with visa extensions for medical reasons (Immigration)
Invitation letter for medical treatment
Accommodation for long stay
Transportation arrangement
Vegetarian cafeteria and snack bar Interpreter/Translation
Hotel arrangement
Out-of-hospital assistance by nurses or other professional staff
International doctors
International travel medicine clinic
Hotel call
Birth certificate
Death certificate
Medical report
Dedicated reception and community lounge areas
Menus catering to dietary requirements and the needs of patients from different faiths and traditions.

Hospital Specialties / Departments:
Medical Allergy / immunology
Family medicine
Tropical medicine
Infectious diseases
Internal medicine
Oncology Ophthalmology
Rehabilitation medicine
Nephrology:renal medicine
Respiratory medicine
Forensic medicine
Sports medicine Surgical Anesthesiology
ENT (Otolaryngology)
General surgery
Hand surgery
Oral/faciomaxillary surgery
Plastic & reconstructive surgery
Vascular surgery
Head, neck, breast surgery
Thoracic surgery
Spine surgery
Minimally invasive surgery
Laparoscopic surgery
Skin & laser surgery
Cosmetic Surgery
Colorectal surgery
Joint replacement surgery
Orthopedic surgery
Surgery OB/GYN Fetomaternal Medicine
Dental Endodontic
Oral & maxillofacial
Oral & medical
Orofacial pain

Additional Service:
Ambulance: 24 hours alert and alarm center to provide emergency care.
Bangkok Adventist Hospital (Mission Hospital) Treatments
Cosmetic Surgery Clinic:
- Augmentation Rhinoplasty (BHT 13,900)
- Alar reduction (BHT 9,000)
- Double eyelids surgery / upper blepharoplasty (BHT 13,900)
- Upper & Lower Blephalophasty (BHT 26,900)
- Dimple surgery (BHT 8,500)
- Chin augmentation (BHT 19,000)
- Full Face lift (BHT 98,000)
- Forehead lift (BHT 60,000)
- Hair grafting (BHT 90/graft)
- Breast augmentation (BHT 79,000)
- Breast lifting (BHT 75,000)
- Breast reduction (BHT 89,000)
- Abdominoplasty (BHT 109,000)
- Liposuction (BHT 50,000 – 85,000)

Dental Clinic:

- Implants (BHT 70,000-75,000)
- Crowns (BHT 7,000-17,000)
- Porcelain Veneers (BHT 6,000)
- Inlays and Onlays (BHT 7,000- 11,000)
- Surgical Extractions (BHT 1,000-4,500)
- Wisdom Teeth Extraction (BHT 600-1,000)

Allergy Clinic:

- INVIVO Test (BHT 1,600)
- IN VITRO Test Price depend on situation Hemodialysis Unit Arteriovenous (AV) fistula (BHT 12,000-14,000)
- AV graft (BHT 17,000)

Breast Clinic:

- Mammogram (BHT 2,800)
- Ultrasound of the breast (BHT 1,600)
- Chemotherapy, and radiation price depends on situation

GI (Gastrointestinal) Clinic:

- Upper GI series x-ray (BHT 1,600)
- Barium enema x-ray (BHT 2650)


- Gastroscopy (BHT 12,000-16,000)
- Colonoscopy (BHT 13,000-20,000)
- Biopsy of suspect lesions price depend on situation
- Stool examinations for parasites occult blood test (BHT 200)
- Ultrasound of the abdomen (BHT 3,200)
- Blood tests: liver function tests (BHT 190 for each test)
- cancer screening (BHT 700)
Bangkok Adventist Hospital (Mission Hospital) Location
Bangkok Adventist Hospital (Mission Hospital) Photos
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Bangkok Adventist Hospital (Mission Hospital)
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